Our Story

Clover by Clover started as a question in the back of our minds… “what if”?

As the veterans of dozens upon dozens of kids’ birthday parties, we asked ourselves “What if there was a way to celebrate a child that was fun, meaningful… and easy on all of the parents involved”? The “no gifts” option seemed like the “no fun” option — yet we both were tired of seeing stacks of toys at parties for children who really didn’t need (or even want) more.

We decided that there had to be a better way to celebrate life's special occasions. So we created Clover by Clover, where a commitment to helping others is part of a great group gift. We hope that others will share in our vision to make gifts more meaningful and celebrations more thoughtful.

Erin Aliaga and Betsy Ellis Chung

Co-Founders, Clover by Clover

Mom, Wife, Chef, Tutor, Chauffeur, Athlete, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Volunteer.

These are just some of our roles. We weren't looking for more titles, but we were looking for solutions. Driven by the goal of giving our children what they wanted, but not more than they needed, we created our own solution: Clover by Clover. With Clover by Clover, parents can give their kids the special gifts they really want, help the environment and give to others in need, all at the same time. Clover by Clover helps you pay it forward long after the celebration is over.

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