WHAT we do

We give people who are blind the opportunity to enjoy companionship, safety and independence through partnerships with specially trained Guide Dogs.

WHO we are

Founded in 1942 to assist blinded WWII veterans, Guide Dogs for the Blind has since created more than 11,000 canine partnerships with people who are blind or visually impaired throughout the US and Canada. Our lifelong services are offered free of charge.

WHY we do it

Anyone who has experienced the unconditional love of a dog can understand why a Guide Dog partnership is so valued and admired. Students who have graduated from our program often describe their Guide Dogs as best friends, mind readers, even soul mates. It’s a connection that goes much deeper than what most of us have ever experienced, even with another human being, because this relationship requires not just companionship but absolute trust and interdependence.

But it doesn’t happen by itself. It takes a community of dedicated people and many years of hard work to facilitate and nurture a relationship between a blind person and a Guide Dog. Guide Dogs for the Blind provides the best possible opportunity for people to find that perfect partner - offering the best dogs, the best instructors, dedicated volunteers, and a highly personalized program. And when it’s right, it’s a relationship that everyone can learn from.

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Here's How My Celebration Can Help...

$35 buys a month’s food for a dog during its training to become a Guide Dog.
$50 covers the cost of initial vaccines and veterinary care for a Guide Dog puppy.
$300 pays for a Guide Dog harness.