WHAT we do

With gifts of livestock and training, we help families improve their nutrition and generate income in sustainable ways. We refer to the animals as “living loans” because in exchange for their livestock and training, families agree to give one of its animal’s offspring to another family in need. It’s called Passing on the Gift – a cornerstone of our mission that creates an ever-expanding network of hope and peace.

WHO we are

Founded in 1944 by a Midwestern farmer, we have given over 62 million people in 128 countries the gifts of self-reliance and hope through the simple idea of giving families a source of food rather than short-term relief.

WHY we do it

Lots of reasons! So that millions of people who were once hungry will be nourished by milk, eggs and fresh vegetables. So that families, who for generations knew only poverty, will be building new homes and starting businesses. And so that the children who once headed out to the fields to do backbreaking work will be heading into schoolrooms to learn to read instead.

See more at: http://www.heifer.org

Here's How My Celebration Can Help...

$20 provides a flock of chicks: a way for families from Cameroon to the Caribbean to add nourishing, life-sustaining eggs to their inadequate diets.
$60 provides a trio of rabbits: a low-cost, high-yield gift that helps impoverished families increase their protein intake and income.
$100 provides a pig: a valuable source of protein, income from the sale of offspring and manure to nourish crops and soil and increase crop yields.