How It Works:

CREATE your own page with our easy-to-use wizard.

Upload a favorite photo and describe a gift your heart is set on. Then, select one of our great CloverCauses, and choose the percentage of gifts that you want to share with it. Or, you can skip the gift and give everything to your CloverCause!

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SHARE your celebration with your party guests, friends and family.

They can give directly to your page online and also can leave comments in your guest book. Everyone will be happy to contribute to your special gift, support the CloverCause you chose, and save themselves a trip to the store!

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CELEBRATE with your special gift… plus the gift of a better world.

You receive a check to purchase your own special gift (equal to the percentage of gifts you chose to keep), and your CloverCause receives a donation in your name (equal to the percentage of gifts you chose to share).

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