WHAT we do

Our core focus is to protect Lake Tahoe’s inspiring water clarity. We advocate for strong environmental regulation and enforcement to protect Lake Tahoe for this and future generations. We educate and engage the public about how to protect Lake Tahoe. We collaborate with stakeholders to address environmental issues. We support collaborative, innovative, and science-based solutions to environmental issues facing the Lake.

WHO we are

Keep Tahoe Blue is a strong community of educated staff, accomplished board members, and thousands of volunteers who represent the public interest, including the interests of future generations, in a pristine Lake. The good news is that a clean lake and a strong Tahoe economy are not only compatible, but essential for each other’s success. .

WHY we do it

We believe that Lake Tahoe is a national treasure. The pressure to exploit this resource is great and ever present. Tahoe is losing its famed deep-water clarity, and some areas of its shoreline are succumbing to algae blooms, muck and water weeds. Scientists know why these events are happening, and know what measures are needed to prevent further harm. Tahoe needs a strong watchdog to ensure that there is a science-based plan to save the lake, and that rules meant to protect the lake are enforced.

See more at: https://keeptahoeblue.org

Here's How My Celebration Can Help...

$50 will supply gloves and reusable bags for a community volunteer beach cleanup event to remove litter and other debris from the shores of Lake Tahoe.
$150 will provide durable waterproof field guides and data sheets for our Eyes on the Lake volunteers to use as they survey the Lake for aquatic invasive species.
$300 will cover the cost of sturdy “Keep Tahoe Blue – No Dumping” metal markers for youth and adult volunteers to install in neighborhoods around the Lake.