WHAT we do

We provide scholarships to boys and girls ages 5-14 so that they can participate in our community focused athletic leagues. Through Next Level, players learn ball skills, teamwork, game strategy and sportsmanship in healthy, athletic environments. High school athletes mentor young players, parents cheer from the sidelines, and champions go home with trophies.

WHO we are

Next Level's first flag football league started in San Mateo, California in 2012. That inaugural season 400 kids signed up. Since then Next Level has added volleyball and basketball, and operates in multiple states. The priority of Next Level Sports is to build friendships and camaraderie, while keeping young people active. Players don't receive trophies for participating because that would be wasteful and harmful to our environment. What they do receive is attention and dedication from coaches and high school mentors. If they come up champions at the end of the season, that's when they'll receive a trophy.

WHY we do it

We are aware of the many studies and statistics supporting the fact that good health and positive character come from athletic participation at young ages. We don't need the numbers to confirm what we already know. We see it on the young faces of the many players in our leagues. We want to make sure every child and every family has the opportunity to participate. In 2017 we granted $70,000 in scholarships. By supporting Next Level Sports Foundation, your celebration helps kids play the sports they love!

See more at: http://www.nextlevelsportsfoundation.org/

Here's How My Celebration Can Help...

$35 Provides a custom jersey and equipment for a player on scholarship
$275 Provides a full season scholarship, including uniform and equipment