WHAT we do

The Fit Kids Foundation brings a free after school fitness program to children in underserved communities. We work with boys and girls in grades K-8th through the after school program at their schools and community organizations. Most of the children we work with do not have access to after school sports for a variety of reasons including cost constraints and a lack of availability in their communities. Fit Kids provides the coaches and equipment for a fun fitness program that meets once a week for 8 weeks.

WHO we are

We are a Menlo Park, CA based non profit organization. Our unique fitness curriculum is designer by our Director of Fitness and executed at our Fit Kids sites by all of our excellent coaches. We have over 50 coaches all passionate about health, fitness and children and all dedicated to our mission.

WHY we do it

We know that sports and fitness have the power to change a child’s life and believe that every child deserves this opportunity. Too many children today do not get enough physical activity due to diminishing PE programs and the high cost to participate in most sports programs. We want to make fitness fun and accessible to every child. It is our hope that the children who go through our program fall in love with fitness and that this translates into healthier choices as they grow.

See more at: http://www.thefitkidsfoundation.org/

Here's How My Celebration Can Help...

$25 provides two small medicine balls that we use to improve strength and coordination.
$75 pays for a special agility ladder to use in fun, Fit Kids training drills.
$200 will allow us to purchase a dozen training hurdles for our track program.