WHAT we do

Wasatch Adaptive Sports (WAS) is dedicated to providing therapeutic recreational, and educational activities to children, adults, and veterans with special needs. Through a network of partners and a team of trained staff, we provide many rewarding activities including skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and adaptive hockey in the winter; hiking, fishing, orienteering, bicycling and tram rides during the summer; and adaptive horseback riding and bowling year-round.

WHO we are

WAS is a 501 (c)(3) charitable foundation, and was established in 1977 to help fill the need for affordable recreational and educational programs for children, veterans, and adults with special needs.

WHY we do it

Many athletic programs available to challenged athletes today are financially out of reach for many families and individuals. WAS does not turn anyone away, requires no initial fee, and provides full or partial scholarships so all can participate. We have partnered with many organizations around Utah to provide opportunities to those that would otherwise not have a chance to enjoy the outdoors. Our programs build strength, stamina and self-esteem while enhancing the quality of life for all our participants. We love what we do!

See more at: http://www.http://wasatchadaptivesports.org

Here's How My Celebration Can Help...

$25 provides plenty of hot chocolate to keep a group of young challenged athletes warm on the ski slopes.
$75 sponsors a fun afternoon of adaptive bowling with specially trained instructors.
$200 enables a group of challenged veterans to enjoy a fulfilling and relaxing morning of fly-fishing on pristine Western waters.