WHAT we do

Through expansive population surveys, high-tech tools like camera traps and radio collars, and collaboration with a wide array of local, national, and international partners, the Wildlife Conservation Society is working to conserve key wildlife populations across our project sites. Our conservationists are working with over 350 species around the globe, and continue to make new discoveries. We are also committed to the conservation of a selected set of “global priority species” that are vulnerable to extinction, important to humans, and powerful icons of nature.

WHO we are

We are a team of conservationists working on the ground, across four continents and four oceans, to save some of Earth's most spectacular and imperiled wildlife. From Thailand’s tiger territory to the nesting beaches of leatherback turtles in Gabon, and from the steamy South American jungles of the jaguar to the elephants and gorillas of the African forests, WCS is making groundbreaking discoveries and crucial progress against great odds.

WHY we do it

We want to save wildlife and wild places across the globe. Our story began in the early 1900’s when we successfully helped the American bison recover on the Western Plains. Today, we protect many of the world’s iconic creatures here and abroad, including gorillas in the Congo, tigers in India, wolverines in the Yellowstone Rockies, and ocean giants in our world’s amazing seascapes.

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Here's How My Celebration Can Help...

$25 gives a leatherback sea turtle in Gabon a health check up!
$150 provides GPS collars for 20 moose in Idaho, helping to track their movements across dangerous highways.
$300 supports a tiger protection anti-poaching patrol in Indonesia for an entire week.